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RSS Viewer and SSL (HTTPS:) Feeds

Add a SharePoint 2010 RSS Viewer Web Part to a page and configure it to read from an external SSL (HTTPS:) feed. The following message will be displayed: "The requested RSS could not be displayed. Please verify the settings and url for this feed. If this problem persists, please contact your administrator." Checking the event [...]

By |2016-12-06T10:35:45+04:30October 15th, 2011|Central Administration|1 Comment

SQL Stored Procedure XP_CMDSHELL

If you need to run T-SQL scripts/queries that utilize the xp_cmdshell stored procedure, SQL must be reconfigured to allow this: Launch SQL Management Studio and connect to the SQL server In the left pane, right click on the server name and select Facets Select Surface Area Configuration from the Facet drop down. Double click on [...]

By |2016-12-06T10:36:25+04:30October 11th, 2011|SQL|Comments Off on SQL Stored Procedure XP_CMDSHELL
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