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Rename Database and Files

Sometimes you roll out a database and later decide that the name you picked isn't what you really want. To rename a SQL database and it's associated files, use the Detach and Attach functions. Let's say the original database was named "MyStupidDatabase" and used files C:\MyStupidDatabase.mdf and C:\MyStupidDatabase.ldf. We want to rename the database and [...]

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Deploy Multiple Solutions

How do you deploy solutions to your SharePoint farm once you've added them to the solution store? Any of the following will work: Use Central Administration GUI Use STSADM -deploysolution Use Install-SPSolution PowerShell cmdlet (SharePoint 2010) But what if you are standing up a new farm or you've received a boatload of new web parts [...]

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Using AAM Redirection

There are several resources available which show how to configure Alternate Access Mapping (AAM) redirection.  A few good ones are here and here.  The problem I ran into was, once you are done with the redirection, how do you get rid of it?  This required an e-mail to a Microsoft colleague who quickly provided the [...]

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Rename Web Application

Let's say you build out your portal and later realize that you've fat fingered a web application name.  How do you correct this?!  With SharePoint 2010 and PowerShell, this is all it takes: [crayon-5f958f13831f4827533513/] Too easy!  

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