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Locating Old Documents

This small script will crawl your farm and spit out a .CSV file with of all items that are more than a year old. It was quickly written due to an "i wonder ..." request. [crayon-5f986c315f9bc123647573/]    

By |2016-12-07T15:54:06+04:30April 27th, 2012|PowerShell|Comments Off on Locating Old Documents

Controlling List Version Limits

Versioning is a great SharePoint feature that allows for life's little mistakes to be forgiven.  However, if not configured with care versioned documents can quickly consume significant amounts of space in your content databases.  If you have many people that can configure document library properties, this can become a major issue as each person may [...]

By |2016-12-07T15:58:00+04:30April 21st, 2012|PowerShell|Comments Off on Controlling List Version Limits

Save List as Template “Include Content” is Disabled

When you attempt to "Save list as template", the "Include Content" check box is disabled.  This can happen for one of two reasons: The list content exceeds 10 MB The list ExcludeFromTemplate property is true. A custom list template can be developed with the DontSaveInTemplate attribute configured and the value set to True.  The standard [...]

By |2016-12-07T16:01:11+04:30April 14th, 2012|PowerShell|Comments Off on Save List as Template “Include Content” is Disabled
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