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Removing SharePoint Managed Accounts

When removing SharePoint managed accounts, there is a right way and a wrong way ... The Right Way Use Central Admin GUI or "Remove-SPManagedAccount -Identity domain\user" PowerShell cmdlet  to delete the managed account Delete the account from Active Directory The Wrong Way Delete the account from Active Directory before removing the managed account from SharePoint If the account [...]

By |2016-12-06T13:12:59+04:30March 29th, 2013|Central Administration, PowerShell|Comments Off on Removing SharePoint Managed Accounts

Search Scope Visibility

When creating search scopes, consider the following: If a search scope is created for a site collection, the scope will ONLY be available for the site collection where it was created.  To create a shared search scope that will be available across all site collections, use Central Administration to create a shared search scope. Site Collection Search Scope Settings [...]

By |2016-12-06T11:28:15+04:30March 25th, 2013|Central Administration, Tips|Comments Off on Search Scope Visibility
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