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SharePoint Role Assignments

Introduction You may be asking yourself, what exactly are SharePoint role assignments?!  This article will discuss the following role assignment topics: Definition Growth SharePoint Impact Discovery Maintenance Definition A role assignment is the relationship between role definitions, users and groups, and scopes.  Let's break that down a little further! Role Definition Role definition is synonymous [...]

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SharePoint 2010 Database Mirroring with Automatic Failover

Introduction There are lots of resources available online that discuss SharePoint database mirroring.  In this article I will mention a few of these resources, toss in my own personal experience and leave you with a few T-SQL scripts that may prove useful in your mirroring efforts. Resources Here are two TechNet articles that I found useful [...]

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Rename Database and Files

Sometimes you roll out a database and later decide that the name you picked isn't what you really want. To rename a SQL database and it's associated files, use the Detach and Attach functions. Let's say the original database was named "MyStupidDatabase" and used files C:\MyStupidDatabase.mdf and C:\MyStupidDatabase.ldf. We want to rename the database and [...]

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SQL Stored Procedure XP_CMDSHELL

If you need to run T-SQL scripts/queries that utilize the xp_cmdshell stored procedure, SQL must be reconfigured to allow this: Launch SQL Management Studio and connect to the SQL server In the left pane, right click on the server name and select Facets Select Surface Area Configuration from the Facet drop down. Double click on [...]

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Restoring Large SQL Databases

When attempting to restore a large database using SQL Server 2008 Management Studio, the following error may be thrown: An exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement or batch Timeout expired Microsoft Knowledge Base article 967205 discusses the problem, although the article is referring to problems restoring from tape. The article suggests that this problem [...]

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Change Database Owner

I received the following fun message while attempting to change SQL Server 2008 database properties: Cannot show requested dialog (sqlMgmt) Property Owner is not available for database xyz.  This property may not exist for this object, or may not be retrievable due to insufficient access rights. Visiting Uncle Google came up with some information regarding [...]

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Delete Site Collection AFTER Deleting Database

Here's a fun one.  A site collection was created on a development portal to test database restores.  When the database backup was restored to the portal, SharePoint lost all access to the site collection.  The site collection was still listed, but no information returned about the database, and of course no access to the portal URL.  As [...]

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